December 10, 2016 | Dan

Flights 40 and 41 – Pattern work and a long XC – Part 50

In middle November I asked Grant if we could head up and drill on some 180s.  He agreed and we did so for an 1.2 hours.

It wasn’t the most exciting footage so we’ll just say it went as expected.  I was tightening up and smoothing my autos and all went well.  We did happen to shoot the footage in a new and exciting way but we’re debating showing that.  Working though that… and if we decide to publish it I’ll make a note of it and embed it on this post.  I hope we get to show it because it really is a new and novel way of showing more precise input controls.

Anyway, I left that flight with 56.4 hours.


The next flight was a long cross country.  I wanted to plan another long XC, do the weight and balance, check the weather and set off my own again.  It was important for a few reasons.  I spent the evening with the charts then foreflight.  I got up the next morning, checked the weather again, reviewed my sectionals, checked the weather and drove to the airport.  It was a perfect day.  The wind was light and variable and you could see for a million miles.  There are a ton of reasons I wanted to go on the flight, some are personal some are not but in the end I got to spend about 3 hours flying a helicopter solo over southern Missouri.  I set down at KFES and looked around counting my blessings, picked up and went to KFAM, did the same and then lifted off again.

All of my calls were solid, my approaches were where I wanted them to be and my landings were smooth.  This concluded my solo cross country portion of requirements and while I was sad to see that part be over it was a very fitting ending.  I headed back flying a little slower than I could have.  I did about 60 knots just enjoying the day and the time and feeling completely blessed.  I’ve been hitting the books super hard and work hasn’t been easy but this day was amazing.

It was 5ish when I got back to KCPS and they cleared me straight in to hanger 12.  I landed and wondered if that’ll be the last time I solo in a helicopter.  I pulled the helicopter into the stable and called it a day.

Three hours in the books and I’m at 59.4.

Guimbal KFES


Guimbal KFAM


Guimbal Over River