December 18, 2016 | Dan

Flights 42, 43, 44 and 45 – Last little bits – Part 51

This all took place from mid December to a few days ago.

Grant suggested I do a pre-checkride with Maddie, one of the other instructors.

It was rainy and cold and pretty average flying from me.  I started the flight with her with around 59.4 hours and ended it with about 1.2.  I preflighted and we departed to the north.  We went to a confined spot and I rushed into the landing a bit but she assured me it was passable.  Mental note: SLOW DOWN.

Guimbal Cabri Slope landing

The slope she had me do was a little mechanical.  There was moss on our spot and I thought we might slide so I came in very gingerly and gently.  I was worried about dynamic roll-over but I don’t usually twist on my slopes or my set downs but that stupid moss made me tense up a bit.  Not terrible but not an A+.

We rejoined the pattern and did some run ons, some autos and some hover autos.

They were all ok in my book but not great.  I think Maddie was making me nervous, she’s known to be a great pilot but she has this quiet way about her that makes her seem like she’s judging you harshly which is exactly what she’s paid to do.  She offers good advice but every time I fly with her I have a hunch she just wants to grab the controls and say, “watch this dummy.”  I outweigh her by double but I think I might be frightened of her?  She can certainly fly circles around me…

Anyway, we ended the flight with a few more autos and called it.  I demanded she give me a letter grade and she thought it was a B-.  I thought she was being kind and gave myself a C.


Guimbal Cabri G2 Confined LandingThe next 3 flights with Grant are all preparation for my checkride.  We’re thinking it might be around 12/20/16.

The flights with Grant aren’t anything new.  It’s autos and it’s run ons and it’s confined landings.  I polish and Grant picks at what he can.

I feel ready.

I’m at 64.8 hours.

My ground is good.

I’m ready?