North American’s legacy isn’t just limited to its 55+ year history of supporting the US Government and Utility sectors with aerial inspection services. Our precision external load services encompass aerial crane construction for utilities, ski resorts, communication towers, aerial seeding for pipeline ROW reclamation, firefighting and many other unique missions. Our KAMAN K-MAX helicopter safely provides lifting capabilities of up to 6,000lbs. This aircraft does not compare in high density altitude performance for those “hot and high” missions. In short, when we show up for a mission the capabilities of our equipment allow for safe and efficient operations, rather than working at the limits of our capabilities.

Above and beyond the capabilities of our heavy lift aircraft are the crews that make it happen. North American is proud to have some of the most experienced team members in the world when it comes to precision helicopter work and aerial firefighting. Our team has decades of experience in safe external load operations from not only the air but also from the ground. Like our pilots, our maintenance team represents some of the best in the industry when it comes to having the aircraft ready for reliable top performance. All missions are accompanied by our maintenance team and mobile maintenance service pod, which drastically limits downtime when on project. We understand that we represent you on your project and we honor that trust with professionalism, highly experienced crews and quality equipment. North American Helicopter looks forward to contributing to your success.


We provide a range of services and our FAA ratings speak for themselves. We are certified as a Part 133 External Load Operator, a 135 Air Carrier and a 145 Repair Station.


CARB certified with a range to offer in our fleet, we continue to efficiently provide helicopter support services to the DOD for over 30 years in many different environments.


As a trusted USACE partner, we provide aerial engineering surveys of all waterways from the Canadian border to the Gulf Coast and flood and disaster response and mitigation.