Heavy Lift


We fly a K-MAX equipped to handle aerial delivery and installation of heavy-weight ventilation, air conditioning units, power line components, cell tower components, lumber and lumber equipment, Bambi buckets, fire control equipment and other types of gear to hard-to-reach locations. The K-MAX is FAA standard category certified which enables operations in congested populated areas. We can work with you to develop a plan tailored to fit your needs and budget. Our skilled pilots and crew can get the job done safely and quickly.

The K-MAX series is the latest in a long line of Kaman synchropters, the most famous of which is the HH-43 Huskie. The first turbine-powered helicopter was also a Kaman synchropter.

The K-1200 K-MAX “aerial truck” is the world’s first helicopter specifically designed, tested, and certified for repetitive external lift operations and vertical reference flight (Kaman received IFR Certification in 1999), an important feature for external load work. Other rotorcraft used for these tasks are adapted from general-purpose helicopters, or those intended to primarily carry passengers or internal cargo. The K-MAX can lift almost twice as much as the Bell 205 using a different version of the same engine. The payload to fuel burnt ratio puts the K-MAX in a class of its own for efficiency. The aircraft’s narrow, wedge-shaped profile and bulging side windows give the pilot a good view of the load looking out from either side of the aircraft. The unrestricted pilot view creates a safe working environment for ground crew working below the K-MAX.

The K-MAX relies on two primary advantages of synchropters over conventional helicopters: the increased efficiency compared to conventional rotor-lift technology; and the synchropter’s natural tendency to hover. This increases stability, especially for precision work in placing suspended loads. At the same time, the synchropter is more responsive to pilot control inputs, making it possible to easily swing a load, or to scatter seed, chemicals, or water over a larger area. K-MAX low operating noise (82 decibels) and low rotor downwash make it well suited for repetitive precision external lift projects.

We staff our helicopter operations with pilots and mechanics working alternating two week on/two week off rotating schedules (12 days on/12 days off on fire contract). This allows us to offer our customers 7-days-a-week service while maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. The K-MAX is accompanied by a trained and dedicated mechanic, a service trailer with common spare parts and tools, and a 4500 gallon fuel truck. Our mechanics are trained to perform progressive maintenance so availability is not negatively affected.